It turns out hundreds of people want to get out more, us included.

Maybe you’re one of those people too

You’ve gone out camping or driving on a hiking trail, but a few times the trails have made you a bit nervous about your vehicle’s capability.

There’s nothing worse than being broken down in the middle of nowhere, right?

That’s why you bought your adventure rig

You wanted to get outside more, get away from life’s stresses, and all without costing you your first born child.

But… even with your rig, you are worried about how frequently you’ll need to donate plasma to afford parts yet getting something that will protect your rig and make it more functional. We get it, we’ve been there too (yea we know the location of the nearest plasma donation center).

That’s why we created Valkyrie Off Road

We were in the exact same boat as you when we bought our Jeep Renegade, so we started to make products that would give us peace of mind. Word spread quickly in the community and suddenly, we had hundreds of people wanting to buy our products so they could get out and spend more time outside, rather than spending money.

Skid Plate Combo

FROM $579.95

Pole Ladder

JUST $249.95

Modular Storage Panels

JUST $299.95

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